Add Engagements and Competition to Your Events

Add fun and interaction to events with Find The Match Game. This engaging software encourages participation and networking through a custom game, perfect for lively events.


You can easily customize Find The Match Game according to your event. Customize the logointerface and all icons from the control panel and start the game.


Find The Match Game adds competition to your events and provides an excellent networking environment for our guests. Quickly engages your guests with your brand and product.


With the AI Background Removal feature, you no longer need to use green screen or blue screen curtains. Use less space, create less carbon footprint, spend less and earn more!

Pay by Subscription

Activation King subscription-based model guarantees continuous service and flexibility, catering to your changing needs while being accessible globally.

Cloud Based Software

All Activation King softwares operates on our global cloud-based infrastructure, allowing you to manage all your event settings from anywhere, at any time.

Easy to Operate

We guarantee the best user interface and easiest user experience in our softwares, developed from 20 years of field experience in the event industry.

Any Questions?

We are here to help you for Find The Match Game! We ll be happy to answer your questions.

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    With nearly 20 years of experience, we have served many global brands around the world with our solutions.