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Transform your photo business and skyrocket your revenue with cutting-edge AI technology. AI Photo Booth Pro blends AI’s magic with your unique vision. A game changer in the industry!


AI Photo Booth Pro‘s advanced AI Face Swap feature allows you to choose the face to swap. Thanks to this feature, you can face swap your participants next to a celebrity.


AI Photo Booth Pro‘s unique custom prompt feature offer unlimited creativity. You can either use predefined prompts or write custom prompts according to your customer’s dreams.


With the AI Background Removal feature, you no longer need to use green screen or blue screen curtains. Use less space, create less carbon footprint, spend less and earn more!

Pay by Subscription

Activation King subscription-based model guarantees continuous service and flexibility, catering to your changing needs while being accessible globally.

Cloud Based Software

All Activation King softwares operates on our global cloud-based infrastructure, allowing you to manage all your event settings from anywhere, at any time.

Easy to Operate

We guarantee the best user interface and easiest user experience in our softwares, developed from 20 years of field experience in the event industry.

Magic with Custom Prompts

See what you can do with your creativity using AI Photo Booth Pro‘s custom prompt feature.

Childhood Prompt

Create a 5-year-old character. The character will be created with cartoon character design. The character is of captivating beauty and sparkling reflection. Design tones are highlighted as walt disney, cartoon, cartoon mise-en-scenes and baby faces.

Pet Love Prompt

Create a candid portrait photo of a cartoon character with cute cats or dogs. Create cute cats posing candidly with the character. Emphasize your love for animals in your design tones. Consider this design in Michael Malm’s cartoon design tones.

Make Older Prompt

Design a portrait that shows the character’s transition from youth to old age. Include detailed facial features that reflect changes over the decades, such as wrinkles, changes in hair color, and maturation of the eyes. Focus on capturing the realism of aging.

Al Samples From Our Creative Events

Discover our client’s AI generated fascinating photos using AI Photo Booth‘s unique features!

All In One Photo Booth Solution

On top of all the AI features, AI Photo Booth Pro can do everything other Photo Booth softwares can do!


Transform any event into a vibrant memory lane with Photo Booth features! With different template options allow your guests to snap, customize, and share their moments instantly.


Engage your guests with 360 video like never before! Create a customized video experience from every perspective using a DSLR, and GoPro. Start capturing the moments now!


Elevate your guests’ photo and video journey with Mirror Booth! Use built-in or customized videos  to guide them through an unforgettable experience. Enhance the moment!


Surprise your guests with Green Screen Photo Booth! Your guests can pose anywhere in the world or in a place they cannot be at all. Start their exciting journey now!


Snap, customize, and animate! Gather a series of photos, add overlays and filters, and craft the ultimate GIF to capture your guests’ joy. Create memorable animations!


Seize the moment, personalize with words, and transform your guest’s portraits into expressive word portraits. Blend photos with text overlays to create artful expressions.

Customize Easily

Customize all your events using the easy interface according to your event theme and save your settings on the cloud.

Capture with Any Camera

Capture photos, GIFs, videos, and 360s with your DSLR, GoPro or webcam. Use AI to elevate the experience.

Share via Cloud

With Activation Share, your media is instantly on the cloud! Share all your media instantly via QR code, e-mail, SMS or social media.

Get Event Reports

With the Event Management feature, you can see all your past events stored on the cloud and access their reports instantly.

Easily Operate Your Events!

Simplify your photo booth setup with AI Photo Booth Pro! Get started with AI Photo Booth Pro software on your PC. Connect your Canon, Nikon, GoPro, or Webcam and unlock a world of professional photos with AI features, 360° experiences, videos, and GIFs. Transform your events today!

Any Questions?

We are here to help you for AI Photo Booth Pro! We ll be happy to answer your questions.

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