Create Collective Artwork Mosaic Wall Software

Create a collective artwork with Photo Mosaic Wall. This software turns individual event photos into a stunning mosaic in real-time, offering a unique visual experience.


With Photo Mosaic Wall, all detailed settings are at your fingertips. Just adjust it according to your number of participants and the dimensions of your digital mosaic wall.


Photo Mosaic Wall doesn’t just work with the photos you take. With the Instagram integration feature, you can also moderate the posts sent to the #hashtag you have specified.


Although Photo Mosaic Wall prints out the photos taken, it also creates the mosaic wall digitally. Thus, digital screens replace old-school photos stuck on the wall, and adds creativity.

Pay by Subscription

Activation King subscription-based model guarantees continuous service and flexibility, catering to your changing needs while being accessible globally.

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All Activation King softwares operates on our global cloud-based infrastructure, allowing you to manage all your event settings from anywhere, at any time.

Easy to Operate

We guarantee the best user interface and easiest user experience in our softwares, developed from 20 years of field experience in the event industry.

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