AI Photo Booth at the Starbucks Barista Championship event
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The first week of June was very exciting for Starbucks. At two important events held at Maslak Uniq Box, participants had the opportunity to immortalize their fun and unforgettable moments with AI Photo Booth. Both the Starbucks Barista Championship and the regional meeting had an experience full of innovations offered by AI Photo Booth.

Starbucks Barista Championship / Regional Meeting

The Starbucks Barista Championship, held on June 4, was an exciting showcase of talent and creativity. Baristas from various locations competed by showing off their skills in preparing perfect coffee. Participants and audience gathered to celebrate the art of coffee making, creating an energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere. The next day, team members and managers from different regions of Starbucks came together at the leaders’ summit.

Photos Reflecting the Spirit of the Event

AI Photo Booth attracted great attention at both events. This innovative technology enabled participants to take high-quality photos effortlessly. Participants were able to make each photo unique and personalized by choosing from a variety of filters, backgrounds, and frame designs. AI technology captured perfect moments in every frame, immortalizing smiles and moments of joy with extraordinary clarity.

The AI Photo Booth was more than just a photo-taking device. It offered an interactive experience with its intuitive interface and creative options. The ability to customize photos made the experience more enjoyable. Participants could add their personal touch to each snapshot. This enhanced the event’s atmosphere and encouraged attendees to interact freely, capturing their happiest moments.

Fun and Easy Sharing: Benefits of AI Photo Booth

In addition to taking digital photos, the AI Photo Booth provided easy sharing options, allowing participants to instantly share their photos via QR code or email. For those who wanted a tangible memory, printed copies of the photos were also available on the spot. This feature added an extra touch of convenience and allowed participants to carry their memories with them in both digital and physical formats.

Photos from the event