AI Photo Booth at Castrol Basecamp Event
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Castrol celebrated the 125th anniversary of TUCA Basecamp with great enthusiasm and announced that it would shoot a completely local commercial and broadcast it globally. Castrol’s strategy emphasized its presence everywhere, supporting this major step. Additionally, the event featured the AI Photo Booth, offering participants unique experiences with themed photo effects and backgrounds.

AI Powered Photography Experience at Castrol Basecamp

AI Photo Booth enabled event attendees to experience Castrol’s presence in different environments in an interactive way. Thanks to the AI ​​Photo Booth, participants found themselves in scenarios where Castrol was on land, at sea, in space and in the air. Each photograph is equipped with visual designs that emphasize the presence and durability of the brand in different environments.

Using advanced artificial intelligence technology, AI Photo Booth instantly analyzed participants’ photos and combined them with various backgrounds. Within seconds, participants saw themselves in a submarine, a space shuttle, across a field, or flying through the clouds. This unique experience attracted the attention of participants of all ages and resulted in high-quality delightful photographs.

Fun and Easy Sharing: Benefits of AI Photo Booth

In addition to taking digital photos, the AI Photo Booth provided easy sharing options, allowing participants to instantly share their photos via QR code or email. For those who wanted a tangible memory, printed copies of the photos were also available on the spot. In this way, this feature added an extra touch of convenience and allowed participants to carry their memories with them in both digital and physical formats.

Photos from the Castrol Basecamp Event